Monday, January 12, 2009

Playing Tetris helps relieve Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A team of Oxford researchers has found that moving the blocks around on the Tetris grid helps engage the part of the brain which retains bad memories.

Hmm. I used to play that a lot. And I thought I just like the little song.

Here's a building used as a field for a Tetris game and controlled by a mobile phone. FUN!


Mauser*Girl said...

I think that needs to be filed under "why is this even news?" because there isn't anything in the article that contains any actual information. It doesn't say how it could be used or what playing Tetris does to affect PTSD in any way.

What Tetris primarily does to me is get that stupid song stuck in my head. Ughhhhh.

Old NFO said...

DAMN that song... brain scrub over here please... :-)