Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lordy! My load is heavy.

You see what I have to put up with? Snortal combat.

Okay, you've gotta wait for it. The sound on the vid is right crap, but the snorts are there at the very end. Puppy fisticuffs.

So, the dogs do this nearly-silent tussle on a nightly basis. They thrash and wallow all over the bed and usually after a few minutes of the snarling buzzbomb antics and snorty combat, they'll simmer down and Praline'll divebomb under the covers and curl up at the back of my knees and Chuy'll lie close to the front of my calves. USUALLY.

I've thought many times I erred in letting them sleep with me-- sometimes they are rowdy and take forever to settle. Then again, I'd consider confining them to the downstairs of the loft for nighttimes and I could actually feel my eyes brimming with tears just thinking of the bewilderment of my sad, lonely and cold little puppehs, thinking momma abandoned them and just don't love 'em no mo'.

Well, Thursday night was a major bear for me. Went to bed SO tired. Worked 13 hours on NYE, and all this without the restorative effects of booze. Honestly, I could've filled a liquor cabinet with all the booze I was offered while on property Wednesday night, but I behaved. I was working and needed a clear head. SO, by Thursday night I was wiped out, and then the leetle darlings started their rowdy floorshow on the bed, but they just never would settle down.

Probably after drifting off several times and at least 20 minutes, I got up and moved the gate barrier from across the closet opening and put it across the stair entrance. I popped she-fiend Praline down on the other side of the barrier and collected Chuy from the bed and set him on the other side, too.

I climbed back into bed grousing and fuming, but fully expected crying, whimpering. Sad, sad babies! Instead, they barreled down the steps and continued their romp around the apartment. I drifted off into sleep and awoke about 8 hours later, totally refreshed.

Hunh. I think those brats have been waking me up at night. I've been played. They're just using me. We're going rinse, lather and repeat, I think.

Little devils.


MiniKat said...

Sounds like a recipe for you being able to actually sleep. Go for it, girl! Sweet dreams! :-)

Christina RN LMT said...

A wise decision, Oh Sleep Deprived One! They can continue with their mayhem out of earshot, and maybe they'll be wiped out during the day, too. A rested dog owner is a happy dog owner, and the puppehs themselves will notice and respond to that.

Vinogirl said...

And I thought I was the only one manipulated by my little con-canines!

The Captain said...

I sleep much better since I banished the animals from my room a couple years ago. It doesn't take 'em long to get used to it.

Rabbit said...

Since we've been letting the new Sibbies in our room at night, Jack thinks it's great sport to wake me about 3:45 (amazingly, plus or minus 3 minutes, almost every night) by putting a huge furry paw directly on my head. Usually, it's across my nose.

I seldom get 2 hours of contiguous sleep except on weekends. Abby isn't as bad, but she's learned Daisy's trick of getting up within a couple of inches of one's face and 'whuffing'. Nothing like dog treat breath alarm clocks to get your heart rate going.

At least yours are small. Jack tries to sneak onto the bed sometimes, and that makes everybody else think it's the ting to do, too. Eventually 3 huge Siberians and an obese yellow Lab with a Fox Terror shrieking at them to clear out becomes incompatible with REM sleep. I'm not going to bring up what SWMBO does when that happens.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh those sassy critters! I couldn't quite believe my eyes, watching them WWFing all over the chesterfield. The only thing missing was the folding chair.

Anonymous said...

Dogs tend to be fairly nocturnal. They'll spend most of the day napping if they can.

Unknown said...

They are so cute! Kona loves to try to play but with his bum leg, they just kind of neck each other.

phlegmfatale said...

MiniKat - have thrown them out a couple more times, but haven't scraped up the gumption to start the night off with them off the bed... i'll get there, eventually.

Christina - damn skippy!

Vinogirl - I'm a total sucker, apparently, and they seem to have noticed this.

Captain - thanks for the encouragin' words

Rabbit - you've got a whole menagerie over there!

Barbara - yeah, total WWF!

Kristopher - wow - nocturnal? I didn't realize. that explains a lot.

Becky - They are cute, and generally they aren't serious about the fights, so that makes it okay.