Friday, November 09, 2012

3am post from bed

Just did a post and now I'm doing another. Typing bleary-eyed on an iPhone yields mixed results. Autocorrect "fixes" some spelling I don't want it to, and doesnt correct some it should. Meh. So sometimes an "of" comes out as an "if" so I'm counting on you to read it as I meant it, and not what the phone actually wrote.
My house smells like dogs live here. This does not fill me with joy, but having dogs in the house fills me with joy, so I'll take the smell, tyvm.

Speaking of dogs, Praline is such a tart. I suspect she is why I'm awake now. Aepilot_jim is on the sofa and she has to bed-hop every hour or so. She apparently nudges him with her cold wet nose to check if he is sleeping, and I'm sure you can guess how that wakes him up.

Chuy pesters Jim for scritchins and generally tries to brain-squeegee/nasal lavage everyone foolish enough to make a lap in his vicinity. He is still incredibly cute, though.

Old NFO made the most wonderful dinner Thursday night and he is now cemented in Miss Mochi's affections for the sheer volume of fewds that hit the kitchen floor, requiring her to clean up same.

Grand time being had by all.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, that was fun! :-)

Tam said...

...and they're cute and loving dogs, which is very important. :)