Thursday, September 08, 2011

seen in chat:

JayG Hey, that was a great post on the USPS, FYI
phlegmmy aw, ya think?
JayG yep
phlegmmy I appreciate you said so
JayG my MIL worked for them for 20 years
phlegmmy i could have said more, and it could have been said better, but I just wrote my opinion
JayG *INSANE* amounts of money for people willing to work overtime.
phlegmmy it's a system that will eat a good person alive, but a shitty person can exploit to the hilt
JayG and holy shit, the union mentality on FULL display
JayG you said it GREAT, Rita
JayG and yes
phlegmmy it's welfare for a bunch of people, while a handful of good workers did ALL the work
JayG anyone with any sense of human decency or work ethic will get jaded in about three weeks
phlegmmy it took me longer than 3 weeks, because I believed in the spirit the institution should represent. I thought what we were dealing with was precious cargo
JayG you're so cute when you're idealistic!
JayG You should totally go to work on the clacks BTW...
JayG :)
phlegmmy Is Terry PRatchett hiring?


Jay G said...

ZOMG! I'm famous on the internet!

Roscoe said...

I believe the US is finally getting Sky's "Going Postal" on DVD this month.

Like most adaptations, the film won't make the hardcore fans happy, but I thought that they did a decent job with the material and the clacks system is fun to watch.

BGMiller said...

If anybody can direct me to transport to the disc I'll be gone so fast even my socks will be surprised.