Friday, September 23, 2011

Highland Fresh Atomic Balls

It would seem I said that when I was visiting Greater Nerdlandia last week, I snapped a photo of Stingray at the Valle Caldera and declared "Highland Fresh Atomic Balls." In truth, I think FarmGirl or DM said the "highland fresh" thing first, and then Atomic Balls seemed the obvious chaser. Low-hanging fruit, presumably. :P

I had an absolutely splendid time visiting the Nerds. Stingray rustled up a marvelous goat dish and the company was very fine, indeed. LabRat has a marvelous cooking library which has inspired my next 3 culinary book purchases. I got to cuddle some beautiful little fluffball puppies, and made a little swing through Santa Fe for some jewelry in the Plaza.

I love New Mexico!

I also spent some wonderful time with my girlfriend Lin of If The Creek Don't Rise, and she fed me marvelous Tortiere and French Onion Soup that was superb. She has a lovely home and she has such impeccable style and taste-- it was a delight to see how she put it all together. I fell in love with her fence, too-- I'll show a picture soon. I want one just like it, now. :)

Was a lovely trip, and I look forward to traveling out west to see them all again soon. :)


Old NFO said...

Glad you had a good time and a safe trip!

Lin said...

Your visit was 100% sheer delight and you have also proved once again that you have superb taste, my dear (grin).

Do hurry back soon. Hoping that one of those future trips will be a permanent arrival.