Monday, September 19, 2011

A grand time had by me

Sunday afternoon I sadly departed Nerd Ranch and moseyed over to Santa Fe. I spent a ridiculous time parking, but I sort of have a custom of always buying a certain style of Indian earring when I'm through there, and I did not want to part with tradition. I spoke to several artists and got earrings for myself, my sister and niece, and treated myself to a couple of gorgeous copper bangle bracelets.

Santa Fe is better on a middle weekday morning, but it's a nice place to see, even if only once. There are oodles of arty-farty clothing/jewelry galleries, and I really need to come back wearing some of my glass beads into some of those places and see if I can't generate some interest and get something going there. Maybe next time.

After another nice night at my friend Lin's house, Monday morning I hop onto I-90 and make my way back on the path that parallels the vagrant remnants of the storied Route 66. It's kind of sad to look over from the ultra modern roadway and to see little bits of old pavement with jaunty tufts of grass and weed bursting through here and there. There's signage of Route 66 all over the place, but it's fading into memory. The memory is still a sweet one, though. Some photos to come when I am back home.

The Vibram Five Finger shoes have been wonderful for schlepping around in rocky terrain. Love these. Recommend them highly. :) I also got stopped in Santa Fe by folks wanting to know about them. :)


Jess said...

My grandparents lived in El Reno, Oklahoma, which was on Route 66. I still remember how I looked down the highway for Buzz and Todd when my dad told us where we were. Even then, the route was dying. Stores were closing and the interstate was growing every day.

Old NFO said...

Ah yes... Route 66... Once a great road, now a 'forgotten' piece of history...

Anonymous said...

If you want to ease the parking pain, you might (time and funds permitting) park under the Railyard/ Depot and walk to the Square. Especially if you are hitting the Farmers' Market (hmmmm, Farmers Market breads, mmmmm). I usually stay way the heck down on Cerillos and hop the bus to the Plaza if I get time to go that way and am not also on my way out of town.