Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am SO going to the Texas State Fair this year (which starts September 26 - thanks for correcting me, John Wiley Price- I'm obviously running for the barn and trying to end this year early!).

They've announced the list of fried foods that will be unveiled on the midway. Among them:

Chicken Fried Bacon.

I don't know about the Texas fried jellybeans, though. (yuck)


Breda said...

I would have a meal of chicken fried bacon, followed by a dessert of that deep fried pineapple thing.

SpeakerTweaker said...

*may i take your order?*

Yes, I'll have a fried grilled cheese with onion, two orders of chicken fried bacon, some fried dark chocolate truffles, a large Dr. Pepper, and a portable defibrillator please.


phlegmfatale said...

breda - I think I'll have the chicken fried bacon entree with a chicken fried bacon chaser, concluding with a lovely little dessert of chicken fried bacon. *om nom nom*

speakertweaker - ah, but what a way to go. Ya gotta die of something. Battered deep-fried pork products seem as good a reason as any, to me. *om nom nom*

DBA Dude said...

What, no deep fried Mars Bars? or as you might call them over there Milky Ways!

Brigid said...

I'd never had deep fried pickles until I lived in the South for a few years. Actually quite good if fresh and hot.

The chicken fried bacon? I've yet to meet bacon I didn't like.

My doctor was all worried as I like bacon a LOT. . and cheese . and beef. . and did a formal cholestorol check.

It was 105.

I think she was mad it was low. She couldn't lecture me.

John Wiley Price said...

That would be the fair for the white folk, I guess. The real one for EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE HUMAN RACE starts at the end of September, and then the rains come.

phlegmfatale said...

dba dude - I thought Milky Way and Mars were two completely different candy bars. I hate them both room temp, and can't imagine how even double-barreled glories of batter and deep-fry will improve them. Well, maybe with ice cream. Vanilla, that.

brigid - here's to the ultimate neener-neener-neener moment!

john wiley price - how nice of you to weigh in, sir, but you mystify me as to your meaning.

John Wiley Price said...

The State Fair is open daily, September 26 - October 19.

That be NOT tomorrow.

phlegmfatale said...

john wiley price - Hyuk! Looks like I have egg-batter on my face! Thanks for the correction. I was thinking it felt a little early for the fair, just yet!

But the white folk reference-- what was that? Will they batter and deep-fry crackers at this year's event?

Rabbit said...

but...but...but...will there be gravy for the bacon?

we must haves the gravies for the precious bacons!