Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wow. Nasty weather in Texas last night - I love it. I've always preferred stormy weather, actually.

A year ago in May when I went to Hereford with mom, we got caught in a violent storm on the plains east of Amarillo, hammered by quarter-sized hail. It was pretty wild, and I loved it. So long as I never find myself at the business-end of a tornado, I'm pretty much ok with whatever Mother Nature deems handy to throw my way. Except long, hot, bright summers. I don't like 'em. Having a pool makes the summer vastly more tolerable, because there's nothing like floating with a book and a tall glass of earl gray iced tea. Still, if I'm getting my 'druthers, I'll take a toad-stranglinger thunder-boomer any day.

Signing off happy as a clam and hoping for more so-called "bad" weather. Cheers!


Fathairybastard said...

Last night, as I headed home, driving west from Temple, I noticed that the sky was turning very dark, very fast. I was driving into the storm that later hit you, with lightning flashing on and off. As I head west on 190, I see the tendrels on the edge of the wall cloud, and I'm thinking "Oh shit. If any of those start twisting and dropping down I'm fucked". Lightning flashes about a half mile down the road, as if it hit the road. Loved it all. Just so long as it keeps it's cool, I love it.

Mushy said...

Not me...I'm you know we chased tornadoes back when I was a kid.

I like my nights peaceful, and if it has to storm...let it be day time so I can see a little of what might be happening.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can't tolerate wind. A day or so is okay, but longer than that and I start feeling the urge to knife somebody.

Myron said...

Maybe you like nasty weather but I'll bet you're glad you weren't in Haltom City, huh? Me, I don't like weather outside my comfort zone. Temp 60 - 80, humidity <50%, windspeed < 5 mph and rainfall 7" - 10" per year. Yeah, I know. How often is the Houston weather in your comfort zone you old pharte? That's why Trane is in business.