Wednesday, May 07, 2014

you never knew the name for it, but you knew what it was.


Petrichor is the scent of rain on dry earth

What an incredible day this has been. I studied quite a bit in recent days, knowing the pressure was on. I met with my Pharmacology professor on Thursday who told me (I can't remember which) that I needed a 72 or 74 on the final exam to pass the course. I wasn't confident, but I worked steadily as though passing was completely possible.

This morning I thought the test was easy, actually, but I was absolutely certain of only 62% of my answers. I didn't dare to hope that I'd pass. I waited. Finally, the final grade came through, and I scored 74 on the final, and passed the course.  I'm relieved and sort of in shock.

I passed my semester, passed everything. All is finished for now, all is good.

This evening brought some rather violent storms that raged and blew, but cruelly brought nearly no rain to this drought-stricken place.  I went out back to watch a huge cloud as it passed over, looking very unusual. I couldn't help noticing a definite pattern of rotation as it moved off to the northeast. It was surreal, with blobs of cloud being caught up into the rotation like the white bits swirling in an egg drop soup. Surreal.  The worst of the storm moved on off, and hopefully no tornadoes formed, or at least none hit any populated areas.

Despite the lack of rain, the air was perfumed with that wet, pre-rain smell. It's glorious. It's a nice break from the 100+ degree heat we've been enjoying, and it was a nice start to the summer. I'm so relieved. Hopefully some of the storms forecast for tomorrow will bring rain and no scary clouds.  Whatever comes, I'm so glad to begin my summer.  I have big plans for what I'll get done this summer.  Tomorrow starts a brand new day and it's going to be great. :)


Evyl Robot Michael said...

Yay Phlegmmy! I knew you could do it!

Old NFO said...

No rain sucks... Y'all need it!