Thursday, June 20, 2013
That eyeglass thing...
I had quite the ordeal trying to get the glasses I showed you here. I was going to buy both frames and have a spare pair, but in fact, I ended up not getting them at all.

You ever get the feeling someone regards you more as a nuisance than a valued customer?

I went to the dr's next available appointment, which was about a month later. Had the appointment set up between Chemistry class and work, so I had a limited amount of time.

Appointment was 9:30 AM and I finally went back at 10:07. Just like the last 2 appointments with him, he started off by saying that I shouldn't be surprised by it, because I'll need bifocals any minute now. Yes, he said that two years ago and seemed surprised that I didn't need bifocals at the time. About 5 minutes into my appointment, the Dr said "excuse me" and went off for 10 minutes to go speak to a computer guy about an issue he was having on his computer. The remainder of my appointment took about 3 more minutes, and concluded with him telling me I can keep the same glasses I've had, that my prescription has not changed. Oh, and he didn't mention bifocals again, so I'm guessing I don't need them yet. [What is up with this hard-on for bi-focals, anyway?]

At this point it was so late that I couldn't go get the measurement for my pupil-nose-pupil so they could order my lenses. I came back on a lunch break a couple of weeks later to order the glasses (which were on hold for me) and I waited my entire lunch hour for an optician to at least ask me if they could help me. They stayed involved with other customers the entire time and never spoke to me. Would've taken maybe 5 minutes. I was annoyed.

I went back a couple weeks ago and an optician was working with another customer, but finished after a few minutes. I told him of my experience of waiting the entire lunch hour and never getting help, but that I have glasses on hold I need to order. He checked for them and another customer walked in and started asking him questions and he sat with that man and started talking to him as if he and I had never spoken. I walked up an interrupted him and said "so did you find my glasses on hold?" He said no, he didn't. Thanks for telling me, schmuck. I left abruptly, but stopped by their office part to obtain another copy of my prescription.

About an hour later, their manager called and left me a voice mail saying that yes, she still has my frames on hold and they're sorry for the inconvenience, but they try to wait on customers in the order they arrive and she would be there late that day if I wanted to come to the office to get my order set up. If I spoke to her again about this, I'd tell her that the other optician dropped me like a hot potato when another person came into the room. I'm a courteous person and I'll probably call them back and tell her to take the glasses off hold, but something in me wants to never call them again.

I'm through with them. I think they want my money but don't give a damn about giving me shabby treatment. Plus I found some other glasses I like elsewhere, and they seemed to want my business. Yeah, I'm through with them.
Written by phlegmfatale
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