Friday, March 01, 2013

I will outright own that I am a total fragrance whore.

More on my penchant for perfume later, but Brigid has a very funny post up on men's frags. She recounts her hilarious (to others, but poor Brigid!) encounter with a mid-rut bottle of Tink's, the branding of which seems to have stuck the "s" on the wrong end of the name.

I've purchased perfumes with ridiculous names and based on ridiculous concepts, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Indeed, the sensation of scent is baffling and bewitching and incredibly powerful, but, like sex, it's preposterous, so I don't regret it and I don't apologize. But this one takes the cake. I'm astonished and delighted, and astonished. I admit, I'd like to take a deep whiff for the sake of curiosity, but wow, I wonder if anyone actually wears (I shit you not, it is really called) FAT ELECTRICIAN. Have I mentioned my astonishment? Who doesn't love the element of surprise(except in warfare when you are surprised by the other guy)???

His beauty would have been his greatest asset. One imagines he was raised in the big air of Texas, his soft skin scrubbed by ears of wheat, his eyelashes curled by grappling with grace against a blinding sun. A Steve McQueen lost on city asphalt. A fisherman without a line, he was made to be hooked by others, to believe in his fate without knowing it, to wreak havoc and forget it over time. Youth for women-of-a-certain-age, stock for late-night parties, a partner to accompany the wealthy of Palm Peach on nature walks, his splendor is consumed in the service of others. Now, a Fat Electrician in New Jersey, his talent depleted in his sexual decline. To celebrate this beauty which cannot be recaptured, a splendid vetiver is required - an ode to bygone eroticism. Antoine Maisondieu* has willed him white, metallic, silver like the ancestral green of olive leaves. But also sweet, demure, addictive like a chestnut cream – vanilla bean, opoponax and myrrh in the bottom notes. Intensely concentrated, resinous, flawlessly unrefined, it conveys a sensuality of contradiction. Because all beauty carries within itself the knowledge that it will not last.

Wow. Poetic, even. I am a sucker for vetiver in men's fragrances, and this one is probably not bad, and at about $128, it has something to prove. I am intrigued. I really really want to smell this. Etat libre d'Orange (site takes a minute to load, but is very cool on frontpage, and I approve of their unique approach. tres cool) has some delightfully off-beat names to their juices, and I'd love to visit a shop with the whole line. I'm so glad they didn't name one Plumber's Crack, but I'm curious about the one whose name (from French) tranlsates to Palace Hooker. RELEASE YOUR INNER SLUT. Inner???

I WILL be ordering some samples and I'll give you a full report.

Hells, yeah!


h/t to lovely Lin for steering me to Brigid's blog, knowing I'm a fragrophile. I really need to get around the blogs more often. :)
*perfume creator


ZerCool said...

Labrat's post on scents had me rolling...

I don't "get" scent; I had a few girlfriends who insisted I needed to wear cologne of some kind and occasionally I did for them ... but I always figured soap and deodorant was good enough for most of the time.

That said, I'm glad new perfumers are trying to have some fun with it. Even if I still think Brut and Stetson are perfectly good guy smells.

Rabbit said...

I've been using a testosterone gel for the last little bit. I didn't realize it until afterwards, but it supposedly has a pheromone added.

There's a gay fellow who works at the corner store who frequently exclaims that I "have the most wonderful scent!" he's ever encountered, much to the amusement of L., who unfortunately has a severely impaired olfactory sense yet a tremendous sense of humor.

Jennifer said...

LOL! I love it. That's hilarious.
I really do love a fabulous scent, but I'm so very sensitive to them that it's difficult to find one that works.