Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Homes need dogs and cats.

I think it's something you see in a struggling economy, but more and more household pets are being turned in at North Texas area shelters. The Garland shelter in particular is overflowing and they are getting more coming in every day.

I have 3 dogs and can't possibly take another, or I would. If you know anyone in the area who is looking for a pet, please press them to search the shelters now.

Also, when I lost Valentine in 2008, my heart was so full of grief I couldn't imagine I could ever love another dog properly. LawDog and Ambulance Driver both told me to get a pup, and soon. I got Praline and rescued Chuy for her companion, and they both wormed their way deep into my heart, chasing away the cobwebs of grief that seemed so overwhelming. It didn't mean I didn't miss Valentine or loved her less, but did mean that I could celebrate her life by making a good home for two dogs who needed love. Last year, Mochi was in dire circumstances and boy did she up-end my peaceable queendom, but I'm so happy to have her flouncy, mischievous self around.

A rescue dog can or cat can open you daily life to joy and wonders you never imagined for yourself. It's a big responsibility and an extra expense, but if you can bear those without hardship, you will have done a kindness to a creature and blessed your own life in the process.

At the end of the day, if I can be with my little dogs, I'm a happy lady. I wish just such a happy day for every household and every dog.


Jennifer said...

A home just isn't complete without a pet or two or four. Everyone wins when you rescue a pet, they get a home and your home is enriched.
Besides, no outfit is truly complete without some pet hair.

Old NFO said...

That is true, and we're better off with a pet in the house!

BGMiller said...

Man domesticated dog.
In return dog civilized man.

Pretty sure I know which side of the equation the debt lies on.

And if you have to stand in the rain with a plastic baggie in one hand then it's a small price to pay.

Two miniature schnauzers make up my pack. Brothers. Rescues. And they have saved me every bit as much as I saved them.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

In my life, cats just know when there's a vacancy in the residence, and show up at the door demanding to interview the servants, furnishings, and provisions. (Yes, we've always spayed 'em.)

The next time we live somewhere we get to choose the pets, I'm sure G-d will either provide a castaway at our door, or we'll find the right bundle of fur at the shelter.

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Both our animals came from the shelter. I can honestly say, I'm very glad for both of them, even if they aren't with us right now. We hope they can rejoin the family next year. (They're staying with my parents until the Army lets us stay in one place longer than 5 months.) My kitty is likely entering his twilight years at the age of 12 and I miss him terribly.

Gaffer said...

Over the past 10 months we have lost 4 of our pets and the grief is sometimes overwhelming.
We are fortunate because the rest of our companion animals have helped us to remember the love and devotion our missing friends shared with us.
As Jennifer might say "pet hair is a condiment"

Andie said...

Oh, how very true! I have only been Mommy to kittehz so far, but have a large extended companion animal family. All but one of them have come from a shelter or "oops" litter, and I intend to continue that trend. Don't know where I would have been over the years without the purring, kneading, shedding companions... ;)

"A house isn't a home
without the patter
of little cat feet."