Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Calculate the forumla mass of each compound given below.

Keep at least one decimal place in atomic masses from the periodic table.

Just kidding.
Chemistry = challenging but enjoyable. Some of it is baffling, but I feel just on the verge of getting a grip on it. I probably shouldn't say that, because: hubris.

It is amazing, though.

Thank goodness I'm in just this one class, though. Between work and school, I am plenty busy, and then some.

Went to bed early last night and woke up early. I felt annoyed that I could sleep two more hours until the alarm clock, but my body was defying me. Then I became aware of Mochi's muzzle warm against my bare shoulder. Her breath went in and out with soft little snuffling sighs. Chuy was curled up in the small of my back and Praline was pressed along my shin. I realized I was having a moment of perfect sweetness. I love my pups! They make every day a good one. :)


Mrs. Widget said...

and formula mass is what I'm teaching my little darlings.

Kristophr said...

A standard trick question on chem exams generally asks how many moles of protons are involved in a reaction.

Easy to answer, once you remember that a Hydrogen ion and a proton are the same thing.