Thursday, July 24, 2014

Music for clearing the air:

I dearly love music of the Baroque, and in particular I love Telemann. His music for flute is the zenith of the form, in my humble estimation. In that vein, his work with recorders is marvelous. I listen to my Pandora station when I'm cleaning. Sometimes I listen to contemporary music I love, but there's something so refreshing and heart-lifting about Baroque music, that it's quite fitting of the house-cleaning frame of mind. I hope you'll like it!

Here, Frans Br├╝ggen plays Telemann's Fantasie Nr. 3 to superb effect. Note how sometimes the instrument sounds like a flute, and even at moments calls to mind the harmonica or accordion. Nifty, innit?  Interestingly, this recorder is a very famous instrument and was made by Peter Bressan (1663 - 1731). Born in France, Bressan later came to England where he was one of the most important makers of flutes, recorders and oboes. It's breathtaking that a masterfully-wrought instrument can still make beautiful music, even after centuries, yes?

There is yet hope for old goats!

Also, here's a very nice lute duo I found. It starts with about a minute of talk, but the music thereafter is superb.

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