Friday, July 04, 2014

Fireworks and hotdogs!

This spunky little wiener dog makes me laugh every time. I love the way he seems surprised everytime the stick goes splodey again.

I hope your Independence Day is a good one. I'll be home watching a loud movie and hoping the fireworks will simmer down early enough that Mochi won't be baying all night. They take umbrage at loud, unexpected noises like thunder and such, so I'll be grateful if it's a quiet evening!


Jess said...

That video always makes me smile and touches my heart.


Le Conteur said...

I must admit that it does make me smile - but as a vet, I also had to work on a couple of dogs who had had their jaws blown off by "eating" fireworks or carrying them around.

Hope your 4th was indeed quite.

Le Conteur

Old NFO said...

That IS a good one...LOL