Wednesday, January 18, 2012
All at once the clouds are parted. Light streams down in bright unbroken beams.*
*in which the milkman of human kindness left me an extra pint
Thursday when I went to orientation, I scrambled to consolidate my poo, and I had my student ID card made, got me parking sticker and my school books. All was ready. Except that I misplaced the parking sticker. I'd been looking for it since Thursday and was worried I'd have to park in some visitor lot in BFE and go buy another sticker.

Monday night I got my book bag together, replete with a fresh bottle of water and cough drops and kleenex. My outfit was chosen and waiting for me, and all that I needed to do was get some sleep (somehow) and get up in time to make it there and get decent parking.

Got out of bed Tuesday morning with no problems, ate my yoghurt and honey, quick shower, a bit of preening then off I went a full hour before class time. Got to the school in about 15 minutes and went to the police station to buy another parking ticket. Their office was still closed and when I climbed back in my car, lo and behold there was my parking sticker under the accelerator pedal. Yee haw! Went over to my building and I got the most primo spot in the parking lot. It was glorious. Went into class geekily early and had my choice of seats. It seemed like all was falling into place.

So class is going to be tough, but I think with hard work, I'll make it through just fine. What other people can do, I can do.

Class let out about 15 minutes early so I moseyed over to the local community college to see if they would let me in their online General Psych class. The couselor who saw me said she'd just checked and that class was completely full. She opened up the screen and said "someone must have just dropped, because 2 places just became available" and so I was in that class, which is a pre-requisite for an online class I need to take this summer. SCORE! Went to the bookstore and stood in line for a bit and realized it was going to take me longer to get my books than it did to register, and one of the other students said to me that if I wasn't paying for books with financial aid, I could go to the express checkout. So I got registered for the online class AND paid for it and got my books all in less than an hour. I call that pretty cool. :)

Went to the rehearsal for the musical Tuesday night and was really worried how the director would react to me arriving 15 or 20 minutes late on this Thursday and the next one, but she was quite civil and thanked me for letting her know. Actually, most of the big stars of the musical have missed an entire rehearsal or two, so I don't feel terrible. It was a relief, though, to come clean about it. I have my A&P lab on Thursday nights.

This is going to be tough, and it's going to take a lot of hard work, but I think I'm going to be fine. Getting my butt in gear was harder than I can convey, but at this point, I'm pretty pleased. And the end of May will be here before we all know it, right?
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