Friday, December 18, 2015

All's well that ends eventually.

The semester concluded well for me, although it was rodeo from weeks seven through week 14.  I have continued my habit of over-scheduling myself, and next semester promises to be crazier still. I may have to shuffle some things around next semester, but my schedule is somewhat set for Spring '16.  I've settled on a new degree plan and I expect to graduate in May 2017. I'd hoped to graduate sooner, but I have three more semesters of Spanish, anyway, so it's just as well to not be in a hurry. 

My schedule is full for this holiday, as I have several creative and organizational projects I hope to conclude at home, but thus far, I've been furniture for small dogs quite a bit for the last week.  This has been wonderfully relaxing, and the pups seem quite pleased with the arrangement.

It's amazing to think that three years ago this week I had my maxillary osteotomy.  The surgery yielded an amazing reduction in jaw pain for me, and it's incredible to find that now I can eat things with ease that I once avoided due to difficulty biting or chewing.  Last week I had a bagel for the first time in many years, and this is the first bagel ever that did not cause discomfort to chew.  Every time that happens, I'm reminded anew of what a wonderful change the surgery wrought.  But I'm glad it was three years ago and not this week.  That is one milestone I'm pleased to see diminishing in the rearview mirror.

It has been grand not to rush about constantly this week.  Until today, the weather has been glorious and spring-like (or like the one nice day we usually get in Spring before Hot Weather™ arrives).  I'm going to try to keep my gadding about down to a minimum for the remainder of the holiday break, although I've got at least one trip to Dallas and a trip to Big Bend planned.  Much to do. Much to do.  Much of it: pleasant tasks.

I hope you have a grand holiday season. I intend to.

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Evyl Robot Michael said...

Bagels are awesome. I'm glad you get to enjoy them now.