Friday, March 23, 2012

The dissection has commenced.

I must admit it is not my favorite thing ever, but I found I wasn't as shaky or nervous as I thought I would be when it came time to cut open the cat. It's actually rather large, but I'd judge by her teeth that she wasn't very old. I suppose I'll get to know her a lot better through the remainder of the semester.

I suppose it's a necessary evil that we need carcasses upon which to practice, but it still seems a shame, nonetheless.

I'll spare you any more detail on that score.

After a week off from work and school, it's been a hectic week with work and getting back into the swing of studying. Add to that the time change and the fact that I stayed up until 3, 4 or 5 in the morning pretty much every night of spring break and it's been difficult to study at all.

I have a test due by midnight tonight. Depending on completion of that, I may go see some of my friends from the muscial I was in earlier who are appearing in another show in town. Would be nice to see them, and to go to the theatre without the pressure of having to perform.

It's good to do something spontaneous, too, isn't it?

Have a great weekend!


Vinogirl said...

A cat? Yikes! The fetal pig that I dissected was much easier to deal with.

Old NFO said...

Ah yes, lab... :-) Do what you gotta!

Anonymous said...

I took the old tom home I had in Comparative Anatomy to study for a muscle test, put the bag on the kitchen table where I thought I would have room to work and went to do something, My redheaded mom found him before I got back and I will just say she did not let that happen. I still made an A in the course.

I found some #4 shot in my lab animal, guess he got around a bit during his time.


phlegmfatale said...

Vinogirl - me too - did a fetal pig in high school, and it WAS easier.

Old NFO - Yes. Needs must!

Ben - Your mom had her standards! Your old Tom had probably more than a few of his 9 lives, sounds like. And an afterlife, as well.